Yamaha Tio1608-D Dante-Equipped I/O Rack

Yamaha Tio1608-D Dante-Equipped I/O Rack

Designed to work remotely with Yamaha TF-series consoles, the Tio1608-D is a preamp, I/O rack, and stage box. It uses Dante protocol to transmit multiple channels of audio from the stage to the console over one solitary ethernet cable.

The Yamaha Tio1608-D stage box provides 16x input channels and 8x output channels for communication via Dante to TF-series consoles; however, you can daisy chain up to three boxes simultaneously, resulting in a stage box system of 48x inputs and 24x outputs with one to three cables running to the console.

  • Details

    • Works Remotely with TF Series Consoles
    • 1x Cable Connection to Console via Dante
    • Preamp with Balanced Inputs & Outputs
    • 16x Combo XLR/TRS Input Jacks
    • 8x XLR Output Jacks
    • Supports 48V Phantom Power
    • 2x CAT5e LAN Ports (Primary & Secondary)
    • Quick Config Automates TF-Series Setup
    • DIP Switches Determine Startup Mode
    • Daisy Chain up to 48x Inputs / 24x Outs

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