Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixer
  • Yamaha CL1 Digital Mixer

    Designed to excel in live sound and broadcast applications, the Yamaha CL1 digital mixer delivers outstanding sound quality and impressive show control. Connect Rio series stage boxes for up to 48 mono and eight stereo mixable channels, with 16 channel faders and two master faders for control. Built-in Virtual Circuitry Modeling created by Rupert Neve Designs gives you access to Neve Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter processors. And built-in Dugan automatic mixing makes it easy for any operator to optimize microphones and effectively fight feedback. In short, world-class sound is easily attainable with the Yamaha CL1 digital mixer.

    • Details

      • 16-fader digital mixing console
      • 48 mono and 8 stereo mixable channels
      • Connect up to 8 Rio series stages boxes (sold separately) for I/O
      • Touchscreen display for intuitive control over the Centralogic user interface
      • Built-in Dante interface plus 3 MY-card slots for digital expansion
      • Control port for computer control (wired or Wi-Fi)
      • Portico 5033 EQ and Portico 5043 compressor/limiter processors designed by Rupert Neve Designs
      • Dugan automatic mixing system easily optimizes microphone gain and fights feedback
      • Nuendo Live and Dante Virtual Soundcard licenses included