Whirlwind 16-32 Channel Audio Press Mult

Whirlwind 16-32 Channel Audio Press Mult

The Whirlwind PRESSPOWER 2 is an active, 4RU rackmount microphone feed distributor, designed for use at press conferences and other live broadcast applications involving multiple microphones. This version is expandable up to 32 channels.
  • Details

    • Portable 2-in/16-out pressbox with transformer isolated outputs and phantom power
    • High-performance, high-level input stage for noise-free audio in high RF environments
    • 3 powering options include switchable AC, 9 Volt battery, and DC power
    • Built-in headphone amplifier with dedicated volume control
    • 20-segment LED level meter
    • Built-in test tone generator and switchable high-pass filter
    • Convenient front panel battery holders, controls and switches
    • Individual Mic/Line switches for each input and output

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