TC Electronic M2000 Studio Effects Processor
  • TC Electronic M2000 Studio Effects Processor

    The M2000 provides you with a broad palette of high quality effects enabling you to create magical effects. The true dual engine configuration allows you to run two full-blown effects simultaneously, i.e. on two individual effects sends. The effects have been developed for optimal sonic quality with no compromises made. This has only been possible because our engineers succeeded in combining the latest technology with TC's powerful DARC™ chip.

    • Details

      • 250 factory presets, including Delay, Reverb, Ambience, Pitch, Dynamics, EQ + more
      • True stereo Twin Engine processing with six different routings available
      • Wizard Help menus assist user in preset choices on an easy to read scrolling bit-mapped display
      • 24bit Analog Conversion (105dB Dynamic Range A to D): 10Hz-20Khz bandwidth
      • Universal auto-switching power supply (100-240V)