Sony Digital Traix CCU
  • Sony Digital Traix CCU

    1.5 RU-size Camera Control Unit for the HSC-300R/100R camera. A standardized 19-inch rack system can be built. Under multi-camera operation mode, the HSCU-300R can connect the HSC-300/100R with the MSU-1000/1500 MSU, which enables the HSC-300/100R to be used as a simple studio system or as part of a large-scale broadcasting system consisting of multiple cameras.
    • Details

      • Multi-sytem input/output interface
      • * Digital triax transmission
      • * External sync signals
      • * Built-in down converter
      • * Built-in simplified up converter
      • * 1.5 RU size compact chassis and can be installed in a standard EIA 19-inch rack