Sony 7.5" Color Viewfinder
  • Sony 7.5" Color Viewfinder

    The Sony HDVF-EL70 7.4" HD Electronic Viewfinder for Studio Cameras is a professional color OLED -- organic light emitting diode -- display for high-definition studio cameras. Thanks to OLED technology, the HDVF-EL70 is able to deliver striking contrast, with a wide dynamic range and extremely fine gradation from shadows to highlights.

    • Details

      • 7.4" quarter HD, 960 x 540 OLED panel for HDC cameras
      • Quick response for tracking and focusing on moving objects
      • High contrast and wide dynamic range, thanks to OLED panel characteristics like deep black color reproduction and high peak brightness
      • Incorporating a 10-bit driver, the OLED panel creates extremely smooth gradation from dark to bright portions
      • Stable and long-term color reproduction with Sony's unique feedback circuit
      • Focus Assist function supports accurate focusing
      • Image Magnification function magnifies just the portion of the image that is in the viewfinder display
      • Peaking Plus function enhances the edge of an object by color, area selected, or both
      • Waveform Monitor function
      • Four assignable switches
      • Adjustment mechanism for flexible positioning