Shure Axient Wireless Package
  • Shure Axient Wireless Package

    When you need maximum wireless performance and reliability — we're talking televised live performances, secure government installations, and similar mission-critical applications — you need Shure's Axient wireless technology. Axient's Spectrum manager provides advanced frequency scanning which is displayed graphically, and can even store the data from a site survey for later use. And with Frequency Diversity mode enabled, your Shure Axient AD4QUS wireless receiver shrugs off RF interference that can cause audio interruptions in less sophisticated systems.

    • Details

      Package includes:

      • Shure Axient Wireless Microphone Receiver
      • Shure AD2 Handheld Microphone w/Beta 87a or KSM9 Capsule
      • Shure AD1 Beltpack
      • Shure 185 Condenser Lapel Microphone