Radial TWIN ISO Passive Line-Level Isolator
  • Radial TWIN ISO Passive Line-Level Isolator

    The Radial Twin-Iso is a high performance two-channel balanced line-level isolator for professional touring, sound installation, broadcast, and studio that provides isolation between various pieces of audio equipment such as consoles, amp racks, remote towers and recorders as a means of eliminating hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Central to the Twin-Iso are two high performance Eclipse transformers. These stellar audio engines are modelled after Deane Jensen's original designs to deliver an exceptionally linear response at all frequencies and are capable of handling as much as +21dB without distortion. Placed in between the audio source and destination, they assure absolute signal integrity is retained no matter what the program material. 

    • Details

      • Uses world's finest Jensen Audio Transformers
      • 2 +4dB line-level floating channels
      • Insulated XLR I/O
      • Nickel-laminated Jensen JT-11P1 isolation transformers
      • 10Hz-40kHz response