Radial ProAV2 - Audio/Video Passive Stereo Direct Box
  • Radial ProAV2 - Audio/Video Passive Stereo Direct Box

    The ProAV2 from Radial Engineering is a passive direct box designed for multi-media applications with the audio-video integrator in mind. The unit provides full two-channel stereo functionality and includes 1/4" for instruments and RCA connectors for consumer electronics and computers.


    Custom wound transformers are employed that are able to withstand exceptionally hot levels while maintaining linearity from 20Hz to 18.5kHz. The resulting smooth Bessel curve is warm and natural, making the AV2 particularly adept at handling digital sources that can sound harsh.


    Transformer isolation adds the benefit of eliminating ground loops that cause audio hum and buzz and video hum bars or snow. The ProAV2 is ideal for events where full stereo operation is required.

    • Details

      • Ultra-quiet passive design requires no external power source.


        Eliminates ground loops that can cause hum and buzz.


      • Handles huge transients without distortion.
      • The 14 gauge steel "bookend design" outer shell creates a protected zone around the connectors and switches
      • Inner steel enclosure is made extremely rigid with an I-beam profile, eliminating any stress that could torque the PC board and cause solder joint failure
      • Military-grade double-sided PCB is bolted to steel standoffs for road-tough construction