NXAMP 4X4 Amplifier
  • NXAMP 4X4 Amplifier

    The NXAMP 4X4 Powered TDcontrollers, available in two 4-channel sizes produce an output capacity of 4x4000W under 2Ω for the 4x4 model; establishing the 4x4 model as one of the most powerful amplifiers to ever be produced. These models will permit the users to connect a large number of NEXO speaker systems while working on a platform that will maximize their performance.
    • Details

      • NXAMP 4x4 is among the industry’s most powerful amplifiers
      • Integration of command, control, protection and amplification of all NEXO loudspeaker systems
      • Lighter and requires less rack space than conventional amplifier processor systems
      • Eliminates unnecessary A/D conversion
      • Optional EtherSound Networking