NEXO PS15-R2 Full Range Speaker
  • NEXO PS15-R2 Full Range Speaker

    A high power system capable of producing 136dB Peak SPL, the new PS15-R2 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 2000 Watts of amplifier power. Controlled by the new, dedicated PS 15 TDController-R2, or the NXAMP Powered Controller, the PS15-R2 achieves high SPLs and wide bandwidth performance, despite being only half the weight and volume of common trapezoidal loudspeaker systems.
    • Details

      • High-power system (136dB Peak SPL @ 1m) with 15in LF and 2in HF drivers.
      • Rotatable asymmetrical horn and unique cabinet architecture ensure versatility; user-adaptable for both PA and stage monitoring applications.
      • Two-way, switchable passive or active design for precise performance-matching to user requirements.
      • Sophisticated control electronics ensure reliable, linear operation.
      • Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories.