NewTek TalkShow Skype System
  • NewTek TalkShow Skype System

    Skype provides a great way for guests and correspondents to remote in to a live broadcasts, unfortunately relying on consumer hardware is fraught with glitches and interruptions. Packaged neatly within a 1RU rackmountable frame, the VS-100 TalkShow Video Calling System from NewTek is a bespoke computer running Skype TX software that is purpose-built for integrating Skype calls into live TV/Web broadcasts. It features dual Ethernet ports for TriCaster and 3Play users plus HD-SDI video in and out as well as balanced XLR audio in and out for hardware-based switchers. Quality settings and scaling are handled within the built-in software, helping eliminate many of the artifacts and aspect ratio issues encountered when simply scan-converting the output of a computer. It also features controls for tweaking the caller's audio, helping ensure both picture and sound are up to broadcast requirements.

    • Details

      • Host Guests/Correspondents via Skype
      • Optimize Skype Calls for Broadcast
      • Scaling and Image Quality Controls
      • HD-SDI and XLR Input and Output
      • Dual Ethernet Ports for TriCaster/3Play
      • HDMI and DVI for Local Preview Monitor
      • Skype TX Software Installed
      • GPI Port for Tally Input
      • 1RU Rackmountable Form Factor