Lightware MX-FR33L DVI Router
  • Lightware MX-FR33L DVI Router

    The Lightware MX-FR33L DVI Router incorporates new features, broader signal compatibility, and more precise switching, control, troubleshooting and signal measurement.  The built in control panel allows for quick access to configuration and the unit features CPU2, Genlock, Multiple IP technology.
    • Details

      • 33x33 Router

      • HDCP Compliant

      • Configurable Inputs Modules: Analog, DVI, SDI, Twisted Pair

      • Configurable Output Modules: DVI, Twisted Pair

      • All new MX-CPU2 processor board
      • Frame Detector for Input signal analysis on any port
      • Front panel USB control
      • RS-232 / RS-422
      • Vista Spyder and Barco Encore compatible