Fujinon 77X High-definition Telephoto Box Lens

Fujinon 77X High-definition Telephoto Box Lens

The XA77x9.5 telephoto field lens is perfect for large venues and sporting events. The XA77x9.5 comes standard with Optical Stabilization. Exclusive anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture. Featuring newly developed EBC coating to reduce ghosts and flare, and increases light transmission.
  • Details

    • 9.5-732mm 77x Zoom Lens
    • Versatile Wide-Angle to Tele Coverage
    • Optical Stabilization (OS) Technology
    • Anti-Fogging Design
    • Dustproof Housing
    • DigiPower Servo Control
    • End-to-End Zoom in 0.7 Seconds
    • Bright f/1.7 Max Aperture
    • Electron Beam Lens Coating

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