ETC CS40 40-Fader ColorSource Lighting Console

ETC CS40 40-Fader ColorSource Lighting Console

The CS40 40-Fader ColorSource Lighting Console from ETC is a touchscreen enabled 40 fader DMX 512 lighting control console. The forty faders can support controlling up to eighty fixtures, and each fader has its own individual programmable bump button. Built-into the unit is a touchscreen display that allows you to arrange a lighting plot with the fixtures you are using. Remote Device Management (RDM) allows the console to identify enabled fixtures and auto-populate and patch them.


The console is flexible, with four user definable master faders as well as five user definable control buttons. You can program and save a cue list with 999 cues, and the unit allows you to save lighting looks to 10 pages with 40 playbacks each. In addition, you can program repetitive light patterns and apply them to channels and call them up as needed.

  • Details

    • 512 Channels of DMX Control
    • Supports up to 80 Fixtures/Devices
    • 40 Faders with Bump Buttons
    • Touchscreen Stage Panel Display
    • Remote Device Management Compatible
    • Four User-Definable Master Faders
    • Five User-Definable Buttons
    • One Cue List with 999 Cues
    • 10 Pages with 40 Playbacks
    • Programmable Lighting Effects

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