EEG Smart Caption Encoder

EEG Smart Caption Encoder

This industry-standard HD VANC closed captioning encoding solution includes iCapTM connectivity is supported right out of the box, with a basic account included. Simply authorize your captioning service providers on the iCap Admin website, and then plug and play! Authorized transcribers receive encrypted audio directly from your program, and return low-latency text for feature-rich CEA-708 (USA) or OP-47 (Australia/Europe) closed captioning and subtitling.

  • Details

    • iCap (unlimited Basic Tier Service included with standard purchase)
    • Built-in Dial-up Modem
    • Direct TCP/IP or Telnet
    • Teleprompters, Voice Recognition systems, and Automation servers using RS-232
    • Integrated encrypted audio delivery to remote captioners with iCapTM
    • Relay bypassed master video path for all formats of SDI video up to 3 Gbps
    • Auxiliary SDI video input for bridging caption data from one program to another
    • Additional built-in SDI decoder output shows on-screen caption burn-in
    • GPI caption relocation triggering for FCC-required emergency bumping
    • Insertion of V-Chip and XDS data
    • Local logging of caption data input and network access

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