Dugan Automatic Mixer
  • Dugan Automatic Mixer

    The Model E-1 Automatic Mixing Controller helps professional audio mixers handle multiple live mics without having to continually ride their individual faders. This eight-channel signal processor patches into the input insert points of an audio mixing console. It detects which mics are being used and makes fast, transparent cross-fades, freeing the mixer to focus on balance and sound quality instead of being chained to the faders. 

    • Details

      • Eliminates late upcuts
      • Reduces PA feedback and studio noise
      • Internal Web server for remote control panel
      • Connects to mixer with TRS insert cables or ADAT Lightpipe
      • Link units for up to 64 mics
      • Analog and digital outputs active simultaneously
      • Half-rack size—mount two in one rack space
      • Links with Dugan Models D-2, D-3, and E