Disguise vx 4 Media Server
  • Disguise vx 4 Media Server

    The Disguise system is a game changer for AR and virtual studio applications.  The vx 4 has been engineered to play back video at higher quality, smoothness and resolution than ever before.  Optimized for playing up to four times uncompressed 4K60 using its high-performance NVME RAID drive array; as well as the capability of playing lossless 10-bit video. Additionally, it can capture either 16 3G-SDI sources, or four 4K sources (2160p60).

    • Details

      Video Output:

      • 1x Displayport 1.2 (GUI)
      • 4x VFC Output SlotsShips standard with HDMI 2.0 VFC cards (4096 x 2160 max)

      Video Input:

      • 16x 3G-SDI (HD-BNC connectors, 4x 4K@60 max)