DBX 3231L Dual Graphic Equalizer

DBX 3231L Dual Graphic Equalizer

The dbx 3231L Graphic Equalizer is a high performance multifunctional unit designed to deliver all the flexibility and power that professional users demand. Featuring longthrow precision sliders, switchable high- and low-pass filters, balanced / unbalanced connectors, and ultra low-noise performance, the 3231L is more than equal to any critical audio task requirements.

  • Details

    • 31 ISO standard center 1/3 octave constant Q frequency bands
    • Variable high pass and switchable low pass 12dB/octave filters
    • Electronically balanced inputs, servo balanced outputs
    • XLR, barrier strip, and TRS connectors
    • Switchable 6 or 12dB boost/cut
    • ±12 of input gain
    • Passive bypass removes equalizer from signal path when power is off
    • 8 segment LED headroom bar graph
    • Chassis ground lift capability
    • Toroidal power supply transformer

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