Cartoni Camera Pedestal

Cartoni Camera Pedestal

The Cartoni camera pedestal is a lightweight, yet paradoxically thoroughly robust, pedestal for handling payloads up to 150 lbs. The one-shot pneumatic column may be pressurized using bottled gas, a compressor, or manually with no danger of over-inflation, thanks to a built-in safety valve.
  • Details

    • Payload capacity of 150.0 lbs (68.0 kg) with pneumatic positioning.
    • 17.7" (45.0 cm) Steering wheel.
    • Column equipped with safety valve to prevent over-inflation.
    • Folds down easily and compactly without tools, for convenient transport.
    • On-shot stroke capability of 19.7" (50.0 cm)
    • 125 mm twin wheels with fast-action brakes and cable guards
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