BSS DPR-404 De-Esser

BSS DPR-404 De-Esser

The DPR-404 from BSS Audio is a compact and professional 4-channel compressor and de-esser. Based on the well established BSS subtractive gain reduction principle, it offers you four independent channels of high quality, musical compression and high frequency de-essing, with the minimum of operator controls. 

Attack and release time constants are automatically and continually regulated by dynamic and harmonic content of program material. The DPR-404 features electronically balanced inputs and outputs. The DPR-404 was designed to be quick and easy to operate by both skilled and novice engineers alike.

  • Details

    • 30dB of gain reduction using BSS proprietary subtractive approach.
    • Fully adjustable soft knee ratio up to 20:1 hard limit.
    • Automatic adjustment of time constants with two user definable ranges.
    • Output gain adjustment control with LED clip indicator. BSS proprietary
    • activity meter showing below threshold signal level, gain reduction and
    • usable range.
    • Bypass in/out switching with LED indicator. Independent high frequency de-
    • esser threshold control and tuneable filter allows selective de-essing
    • simultaneously with compression.
    • Twin LEDs show de-ess activity.
    • Link switching allows adjacent channels to be linked for accurate stereo
    • working.
    • One DPR-404 can be selected to process two stereo channels, or one stereo
    • channel and two independent mono channels, or four independent mono
    • channels.
    • Compressor side chain insert on rear panel 1/4" RTS jack.
    • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs with optional transformer
    • balancing.

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