Behringer 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier
  • Behringer 4-Channel Headphone Amplifier

    The Behringer AMP800 is a highly compact 4-channel headphone amplifier designed for stage or studio headphone monitoring. The unit features 8 individual headphone outputs, LED input and individual channel metering, dual balanced stereo inputs with separate balance and level control, and dedicated level knobs and input selector switches for each output channel.

    • Details

      • Compact 4-channel studio or stage headphone amplifier with 8 headphone outputs

      • High headroom with extended frequency response

      • 4 independent stereo amplifier sections

      • Dual stereo balanced inputs with separate level and balance controls

      • Accepts balanced or unbalanced inputs from professional consoles and monitor mixers or consumer CD's, MiniDiscs and other unbalanced sources

      • Simplified level makeup on output for 6dB unbalanced signal level decrease

      • 6-segment LED metering for main input and individual output stages

      • Dual headphone outputs per channel for 8 total headphone outputs

      • Individual channel level control and input selection switching

      • Parallel Link Output for multi-unit cascading