AOTO CLD 1.5mm Indoor LED Wall

AOTO CLD 1.5mm Indoor LED Wall

The newly innovated AOTO Mini LED Series is characterized by smaller LED chip, more robust LED panel, greater air tightness, and better optical design.  Excellent display effect significantly reduces moire phenomenon.  The wide viewing angle allows clear visions from different positions.  Precise color reproduction fully displays excellent detail of HD images, bringing unparalleled visual performance.

  • Details

    • Pixel Pitch: 1.5625mm
    • Brightness: 800 nits
    • Display Size: 27 Inch
    • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only
    • Resolution: 384(W) x 216(H)
    • Maximum Power: 135 W/Cabinet
    • Average Power 40W/Cabinet
    • Cabinet Weight: 18.7lbs
    • Rigging: Ground Support + Hanging Bars
    • Processing: Brompton, Hydra Calibration
Desired Wall Height in Feet
Desired Wall Width in Feet

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