Allan & Heath QU-16
  • Allan & Heath QU-16

    The Allen & Heath Qu-16 Rack mountable Digital Mixer is a 16-channel digital mixer and USB audio interface designed for live and installed sound as well as studio use, and incorporates technologies pioneered on our GLD and iLive digital mixing. Qu-16"s sixteen AnalogiQ total recall preamps feature zero crossing detection and an advanced pad less 1dB step gain stage, closely allied to the DSP for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency. The analog signal is captured by high class, low latency 24bit analog to digital converters matched to high quality 24bit digital to analog converters to deliver the required outputs.

    • Details

      • 16 Mono Inputs (TRS + XLR), 3 Stereo Inputs (TRS), 4 Stereo FX Returns, 16 Busses, and 12 Mix Outputs (LR, Mono Mix 1-4, Stereo Mix 1-3)
      • 19" Rack mountable with moving faders and recallable AnaLOGIQ preamps
      • Qu-Drive direct multitrack recording/playback on USB drives and USB Audio Streaming
      • 800×480 Touchscreen
      • Qu-Pad iPad App