AJA SD/HDSDI to Component Converter

AJA SD/HDSDI to Component Converter

The AJA HD10C2 HD/SD-SDI to Analog 10-Bit HD Converter converts an SDI input to Component, Composite or Y/C via a 3-BNC breakout cable or to VGA via a VGA adapter.
  • Details

    • HD/SD-SDI Auto-Sensing Input
    • Outputs Analog via Breakout Cable
    • Dipswitch Output Selection
    • Converts HD to Component or RGBHV VGA
    • Converts SD to Component or Composite
    • Supports Up to 1080i/60/50
    • Two Equalized HD/SD-SDI Loop-Outputs
    • Breakout Cable and VGA Adapter Included

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