AJA FiDO 3G-SDI to Fiber Mini Converter - Receive

AJA FiDO 3G-SDI to Fiber Mini Converter - Receive

Convert an ST fiber signal to two simultaneously active 3G-SDI outputs in resolutions up to 1080p. Transmit the input signal from up to six miles away at the max resolution over a single-mode fiber cable. AJA's FiDO-R-ST features one ST optical fiber input and two 3G-SDI outputs, in a compact body suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Use it with compatible devices, or pair it with a corresponding FiDO Mini Converter.

  • Details

    • Single ST Fiber Input / Dual SDI Output
    • Up to 1080p Resolution
    • Equalized and Reclocked Input
    • ASI Compatible
    • Meets All Relevant SMPTE Specifications
    • Locking Power Connector
    • 1.5W Power Consumption
    • Small enough to fit behind a monitor, back of a rack, or directly on a camera rig
    • Autodetection of video format
    • Equalized and reclocked input

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